KSE List of Brokers and Agents

The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

Under the Brokers and Agents Registration Rules, 2001, the Brokers/Agents of the Exchange registered
with the SECP are authorized to trade in the listed securities.

Following is the list of agents registered with the SECP. For addresses, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address please refer the directory of members available on the website of the Exchange.


Registration No. Name of Agent Name of Member
ARK-01 M. Iqbal M. Yousuf H. M. Idrees H. Adam
ARK-02 Imran H. M. Idrees H. M. Idrees H. Adam
ARK-06 M. Junaid Sheikh First Captial Equities Limited
ARK-10 Iqbal Haji Ahmed Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-26 Pervaiz Adam Adam Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-30 Ashraf Zakaria Ali Husain Rajabali Limited
ARK-31 Shoukat Husain Bhayani Ali Husain Rajabali Limited
ARK-38 Tahir Iqbal KASB Securities Limited 
ARK-45 M. Yasin Fida Husein Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-46 Hasnain Asghar Ali Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-47 Sadiq Ali Fidahusein Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-48 Rafiq Fidahusein Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-49 Kazim Ali Wazir Ali Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-58 M.Zakaria M.Yousuf Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-59 Muhammad Iqbal Kasbati Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-60 Mohammed Irfan Abdul Ghaffar Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-61 M.Shoaib Basheer Ahmed Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-63 Sohail Kasim Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-72 Muhammad Rafiq Suleman Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-73 M. Usman Abu Talib Ample Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-83 Ahsan Zia First Captial Equities Limited
ARK-84 Subhan Allah Jamali Capital One Equities Limited
ARK-86 A. Wahab Mohammad Parekh Time Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-87 Khalid Mushtaq Khan First Captial Equities Limited
ARK-98 Syed Amjad Ali  ACE Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-103 Muhammad Shafi Moosa, Noor Mohammed, Shahzada & Co. (Pvt.) Limited 
ARK-105 Malik Dilawayz Ahmed Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-107 Asif Majeed Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-109 Rehan Ahmed Khan Al – Asar Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-110 Rais Iqbal  Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-116 Muhammad Rafique First National Equities Limited
ARK-118 Syed Arif Raza Azee Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-121 Zia Javed WE Financial Services Limited
ARK-124 Muhammad Shahid Ojha Mohammed Anis Ismail  
ARK-126 Ghazi Naseem Azee Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-133 Muhammad Ahsan-ul-Haq KASB Securities Limited
ARK-144 Muhammad Irfan Chundrigar Munaf Sattar Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-145 Sajid Mehdi Zafar Moti Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-148 Muhammad Irfan  Salman Capital Investments (Private) Limited
ARK-150 Abdul Munaf Noor Muhammad  ACE Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-152 Muhammad Amir Alfa Adhi Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-154 Asim Zaheer MARS Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-159 Abdul Rauf Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Markets Limited
ARK-162 Wasi Mirza United Capital Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-167 Muhammad Munir A. Ghani FDM Capital Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-168 Farhan Mushtaq Khan Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-169 Muhammad Rafiq Bawa Bawa Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-170 Muhammad Riaz Mushtaq Bawa Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-172 Muhammad Saleem Yousuf Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-175 Sikandar Adam Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-177 Muddassir Iftikhar Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-180 Munaf Abdul Sattar Sherman Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-181 Salma Aamir Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-182 Ahmed Zakir Hafeez Invest and Finance Securities Limited 
ARK-183 Tariq Pervez JS Global Capital Lmited
ARK-185 Feroz Ahmed Taurus Securities Limited 
ARK-187 Nadeem Ahmed Azee Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-188 Kashan Ahmed Fawad Yusuf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-190 Sarfaraz ul Haque Akhund Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-192 Asim Irfan Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-193 Muhammad Irfan  Salman Capital Investments (Private) Limited
ARK-197 Muhammad Amin Tola Multiline Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-198 Junaid Rafiq M.R.A. Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-201 Muhammad Hanif  HH Misbah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-202 Abdul Wahab HH Misbah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-203 Syed Hassan Abid Zaidi Escorts Investment Bank Limited 
ARK-205 Muhammad Hanif  Bagasra Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-207 M. Mehboob Khan Ghouri Bagasra Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-208 Ali Muhammad Majur HH Misbah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-210 Anwar Lakhani Asian Securities Limited 
ARK-211 Muhammad Omair MAS Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-213 Izhar Mohammad  Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-216 Muhammad Ali Amir First National Equities Limited 
ARK-217 Syed Wasay Abbas  MARS Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-220 Ghazanfar Ali  KASB Securities Limited 
ARK-221 Abdul Rauf HH Misbah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-222 Muhammad Saleem  HH Misbah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-224 Zaheer Alam  Multiline Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-225 Fauzia Naureen Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-227 Junaid Ali  KASB Securities Limited 
ARK-229 Aamir Hussain Khan Invest and Finance Securities Limited 
ARK-231 Rizwan Khalid Butt IGI Finex Securities Limited 
ARK-232 Tanweer Bukhsh Hum Securities Limited
ARK-233 Atta Muhammad  First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-234 Muhammad Zubair Khalid  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-236 Syed Masoom Raza Kazmi Adam Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-237 Muhammad Shakeel  IGI Finex Securities Limited 
ARK-238 Raheel Javed  WE Financial Services Limited
ARK-240 Lalchand Mohandas Lakhwani B & B Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-242 Qaiser Rafi  ACE Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-244 Sohail Mian Noor  Siddiq Moti
ARK-245 Muhammad Muttaqui Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-246 Muhammad Farooq Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-248 Amir Shahzad  First National Equities Limited 
ARK-250 Sohail Raza Moosani  Moosani Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-251 Faisal Latif  Escorts Investment Bank Limited 
ARK-252 Muhammad Fayyaz Abbal  Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-253 Arif Hasan Mustafa Alfalah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-254 Syed Tahir Hussain  Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-258 Jhanzeb Ahmed Khan  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-259 Muhammad Zeeshan M.R.A. Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-260 Muhammad Faisal  First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-261 Abdul Qayyum First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-262 Abdul Samad First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-263 Mohammad Ejaz Rana IGI Finex Securities Limited 
ARK-264 Mohammad Jamal Dhedhi A.R. Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-265 Navaid Iqbal  SAZ Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-267 Nazim uddin Siddiqui First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-271 Syed Farrukh Hussain  Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-272 Naved Abdul Razzak  Standard Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-274 Abu Talib Khanani Mohammad Munir Mohammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-275 Manzoor Ahmed Mohammad Munir Mohammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-276 Shakeel Ahmed Mohammad Munir Mohammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-277 Muhammad Tariq First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-278 Mazhar Abbas  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-279 Muhammad Imran Anwar  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-281 Mohammad Javed Mohammad Munir Mohammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-284 Mohammad Ashfaq Advani Mohammad Munir Mohammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-286 Murtaza Ghanchi MARS Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-289 Mahmood Afzal Butt Foundation Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-290 Aamir Iqbal Motiwala Hum Securities Limited
ARK-291 Muhammad Rehan Malik First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-292 Syed Asad Raza Jafri Azee Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-293 Qaseem Ahmed Farooqui Azee Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-294 Muhammad Hanif  Creative Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-295 Syed Ali Raza Mehdi First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-296 Muhammad Naeem  Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-297 Ataat Ali Hashmi Hum Securities Limited
ARK-298 Hina Shahid Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-299 Abdullah Razzak Chara Cliktrade Limited
ARK-300 Mohammad Azhar First Capital Equities Limited 
ARK-302 Anwer Iqbal  Al-Mal Securities & Services Limited 
ARK-303 Muhammad Monis Farid Atlas Capital Markets (Private) Limited
ARK-304 Noman  Altaf Adam Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-305 Naila Altaf Adam Altaf Adam Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-307 Fayyaz Hussain Bhayani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-308 Mohammad Zubair Ellahi Bhayani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-309 Sajid Khan Shinwari Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-310 Muhammad Amjad Iqbal Khan Atlas Capital Markets (Private) Limited
ARK-312 Tehmina Aslam Creative Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-313 Mohammad Munaf  Mayari Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-316 Rashid Chiragh  First Capital Equtities Limited
ARK-317 Sarfaraz Khan  Alfalah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-318 Ahmad Bilal  Escorts Investment Bank Limited 
ARK-320 Syed Muhammad Furqan Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-322 Rahat Mushtaq Hum Securities Limited
ARK-323 Shujaat Ali Hashmi Hum Securities Limited
ARK-325 Faisal Abdul Razzak  Ample Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-326 Kamran Muhammad Anaf Kapadia Securities (SMC-Private) Limited
ARK-328 Amanulah Jangda Mayari Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-330 Inam Elahi Hum Securities Limited
ARK-332 Muhammad Iqbal  Growth Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-333 Mohammad Shoaib Dalal Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-334 Nasir Muqeet Elixir Securities Pakistan (Private) Limited
ARK-336 Kamran Khushtar Naqvi Atlas Capital Markets (Private) Limited
ARK-337 Syed Nadeem Hasan Zaidi United Capital Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-341 Wajid Hussain  Global Securities Pakistan Limited
ARK-342 Unwan Abbas United Capital Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-343 Khurram Mustafa AAG Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-344 Faisal Moosa Moosa Noor Mohammad Shahzada & Co. (Private) Limited
ARK-345 Waseem ul Hassan First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-346 Noman Noor H.H.K Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-347 Muhammad Khurram Faraz Ashfaq Ashraf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-348 Mohammad Danish Chapla Shehzad Chamdia Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-350 Khawaja Adil Razzaq KAI Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-351 Khurram Raza Bhayani Bhayani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-352 Mohammad Amin  Bhayani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-353 Arshad Ali  Ample Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-355 Syed Yousuf Hussain IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-356 Khurram Amanullah  IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-358 Tanvir Abid IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-359 Wajahat Ali Khan IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-361 Faisal Arif Mukaty Hum Securities Limited
ARK-362 Mohammad Naveed  Motiwala Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-365 Irfan Ahmad JS Global Capital Limited
ARK-368 Syed Shakeel Ahmed JS Global Capital Limited
ARK-370 Muhammad Ayub  FDM Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-371 Syed Sheraz Akbar Invest and Finance Securities Limited 
ARK-372 Najeeb ullah Afridi Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-374 Qazi Muhammad Nadeem SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-375 Abdul Naseer Fawad Yusuf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-376 Muhammad Anis  Fawad Yusuf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-377 Adnan Ahmad Usmani Foundation Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-379 Salik Al Turabi Munaf Sattar Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-380 Mohammad Zikar Patel Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-381 Khawaja Naveed Hafeez Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-382 Syed Saim Raza Hum Securities Limited
ARK-384 Tariq Iqbal  Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-385 Muhammad Abid Tabbani Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-387 Muhammad Alam Tabbani  Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-388 Syed Mohammad Waseem  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-389 Syed Salman Mansoor Foundation Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-390 Reema Farooq Ismail Badi Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-391 Waseem Mehmood Khan Sherwani Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-392 Abid Hanif  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-395 Muhammad Hanif  Intermarket Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-397 Ikram Afzal  Noman Abid & Company Limited
ARK-398 Basit Iqbal Shajani  Ismail Abdul Shakoor Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-399 Hasan Javid Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-400 Khawaja Owais Ahmed Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-401 Muhammad Mobin  Munaf Sattar Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-402 Hammad Hamid  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-403 Abdul Wahid Standard Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-404 Syed Mubarak Ehtisham Jafri Orix Investment Bank Pakistan Limited
ARK-407 Muqeem Shah Khan  Eastern Capital Limited 
ARK-408 Muhammad Nasir Khan  Salman Capital Investments (Private) Limited
ARK-409 Muhammad Ilyas  Cliktrade Limited
ARK-410 Abdul Basit Msmaniar Financials (Private) Limited
ARK-411 Sampath Sanjiwa Kularathna Cliktrade Limited
ARK-412 Syed Wahas ul Husaini Cliktrade Limited
ARK-415 Mazhar Hussain Siddiqui Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-416 Syed Arif ur Rehman  Fortune Securities Limited
ARK-417 Syed Muhammad Khalid Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-418 Nasir Altaf Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-419 Muhammad Shahzad Akram Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-421 Muzammil Ahmad Cliktrade Limited
ARK-422 Aminul Islam  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-423 Sameer Younus Friendly Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-424 Faisal Hayat Durrani  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-425 Hunaid Hasnain Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-426 Zeeshan Mahmud  Msmaniar Financials (Private) Limited
ARK-427 Ishtiaq Ahmed Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-428 Arslan Abbasi  Hum Securities Limited
ARK-429 Muhammad Nasir  Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-430 Syed Haris Bin Saeed Saifi Cliktrade Limited
ARK-431 Muhammad Rehan Ali Shamsi Cliktrade Limited
ARK-432 Babar Mushtaq Khan Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-433 Maqbool Hussain Cliktrade Limited
ARK-434 Hasan Mahmood Cliktrade Limited
ARK-435 Syed Jawaid Wajid  Cliktrade Limited
ARK-436 Qazi Muhammad Arif First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-437 Muhammad Altaf Bukhari Salman Capital Investments (Private) Limited
ARK-438 Abdur Rasheed  Cliktrade Limited
ARK-439 Muhammad Javed  Siddiq Moti
ARK-440 Muhammad Rizwan  Cliktrade Limited
ARK-441 Jaweria Ameen  Cliktrade Limited
ARK-442 Shakil Anwer Kamal  Saao Capital (Private) Limited
ARK-443 Raheel Ahmed Qureshi Cliktrade Limited
ARK-444 Turab Salim Chevelwala Memon Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-445 Rizwan Ahmed Khan  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-446 Muhammad Amir Iqbal  BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-447 Ameer Sarfaraz Khan  BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-448 Muhammad Shoaib  Mars Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-450 Muhammad Salman Saeed BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-451 Syed Aadil Ehtesham Jafri BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-452 Faisal Aziz  BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-453 Sunbal Akbar Cliktrade Limited
ARK-454 Arif Hussain Cliktrade Limited
ARK-455 Zeeshan Saeed Butt Alfalah Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-456 Muhammad Muzammil Khan BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-457 Zaheer Ahmed Mir Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-458 Tahir Saeed Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-459 Syed Hussnain Iqbal Shah Capital One Equities Limited
ARK-460 Muhammad Salim Khan Khakwani Hum Securities Limited
ARK-463 Muhammad Rizwan  Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-464 Shaikh Raza ur Rehman  Hum Securities Limited
ARK-465 Faheem Shah Hum Securities Limited
ARK-466 Syed Mohammad Jamal Mustafa ACE Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-467 Shoukat Hussain  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-469 Syed Ali Shuja Rizvi Capital One Equities Limited
ARK-470 Mohiuddin Ahmed Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-471 Shagufta Kausar  Hum Securities Limited
ARK-472 Dilawar Sohail SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-139 Najeeb Ahmed Intermarket Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-228 Syed Azfar Imam MRA Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-473 Muhammad Talha Razi Ashfaq Ashraf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-474 Irshad ul Haq Khan Elixir Securities Pakistan (Private) Limited
ARK-475 Faisal Kamal  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-476 Chaudhry Sohail Ahmed First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-477 Nadeem Iqbal  SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-478 Syed Intikhab Hussain Naqvi First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-479 Ahmed Rizwan  SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-480 Nabeela Naseer Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-481 Muhammad Arif  MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-482 Ali Shan Azhar First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-484 Ayazuddin  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-288 Waseem ul Hassan Azee Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-499 Tania Rachel D’ Souza Khoja’s Capital Management (Private) Limited
ARK-485 Farhan Bashir Khan Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-486 Umar Alam Durrani Msmaniar Financials (Private) Limited
ARK-488 Muzzamil Aftab First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-489 Muhammad Riaz Ashfaq Ashraf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-490 Junaid Iqbal  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-491 Muhammad Afzal  SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-493 Muhammad Shahid  AKD Securities Limited
ARK-494 Ghulam Hussain  Al-Hoqani Securities & Investment Corporation (Private) Limited
ARK-495 Imtiaz Ahmad Bhatti Elixir Securities Pakistan (Private) Limited
ARK-496 Fahad Mumtaz Khan  Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-497 Nasir Shah Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-498 Muhammad Shakir Al-Mal Securities & Services Limited 
ARK-500 Muhammad Taufiq  MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-501 Muhammad Mohsin  MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-502 Abdul Karim  KASB Securities Limited 
ARK-503 Sohail  Amin Tai Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-504 Muhammad Yousuf  Fortune Securities Limited
ARK-505 Arshad Ismail Khan  Escorts Investment Bank Limited 
ARK-506 Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-507 Naeem Yahya Live Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-508 Asif Malik Pak Meezan Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-509 Owais Lakhani  Asian Securities Limited 
ARK-510 Faisal Amin MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-511 Naveed Shahzad Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-512 Muhammad Qasim Lakhani Fortune Securities Limited
ARK-513 Sayed Amber Tajwer Bagasra Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-514 Ali Cassim Cassim Investments (Private) Limited
ARK-516 Shahzad Aslam  Foundation Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-517 Shaikh Mubeen First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-518 Ali Raza  Seven Star Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-519 Syed Meesam Raza Mars Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-520 Muhammad Taufiq  Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-521 Naeem Khan Trade-in-Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-522 Shahzad Mushtaq Trade-in-Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-523 Zulfiqar Hyder Khan IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-524 Danish Dawood Equities Limited
ARK-525 Mohammad Saleem Mansoori Rafi Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-526 Zahid Zillion Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-527 Muhammad Zubair Raymond Jal H.P.Byramji
ARK-528 Syed Muhammad Javed Raymond Jal H.P.Byramji
ARK-529 Muhammad Faheem Adam Adam Haji Mohammad Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-530 Nasir Habib Growth Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-531 Ghulam Abbas  Seven Star Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-532 Veerbhan Bajaj Escorts Investment Bank Limited
ARK-533 Muhammad Zeeshan Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-534 Mohammed Iqbal Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-535 Syed Muhammad Aslam M H Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-536 Khalid Saeed DJM Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-537 Habib Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-538 Mohammad Saleem Moon Moonaco Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-539 Muhammad Altaf Ashfaq Ashraf Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-540 Muhammad Yaseen Ishaq Time Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-541 Hidayat Ali Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-542 Muhammad Shahid Rana IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-543 Muhammad Rashid Khan  IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-544 Noor Muhammad  Ample Securities (Pvt.) Limited
ARK-545 Muhammad Ali Shaikh  Bhayani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-546 Rozina  FDM Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-547 Muhammad Sajjad  FDM Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-548 Zeeshan Ahmed Mirza FDM Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-549 Zia ur Rahim Khan  Time Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-550 Fazal Abbas MRA Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-551 Muhammad Rafiq  Javed Omer Vohra & Company Limited
ARK-552 Ahmed Nabeel  Javed Omer Vohra & Company Limited
ARK-553 Wajahat Ali Hum Securities Limited
ARK-554 Altaf Hussain  First National Equities Limited
ARK-555 Sumaira Karamat  First National Equities Limited
ARK-556 Iqbal Yusuf Shajani  Muhammad Ashfaq Hussain 
ARK-557 Syed Arshad Kazmi  Mars Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-558 Tausif Iftikhar Siddiqui Eastern Captial Limited
ARK-559 Muhammad Arsalan Sherman Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-560 Khurram  MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-561 Nadeem Hameed MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-562 Muhammad Sajid Yousuf  Muhammad Munir Muhammad Ahmed Khanani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-563 Anil Meghjiani  Seven Star Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-564 Muhammad Imran Kharadi J.P. Morgan Pakistan Broking (Private) Limited
ARK-565 Khalid Zia Khan  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-566 Asghar Ali  First National Equities Limited
ARK-567 Muhammad Zahid Sohail  First National Equities Limited
ARK-568 Irfan Aziz  Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-570 Syed Asim Shehzad  First National Equities Limited
ARK-571 Asher Yousfani  First National Equities Limited
ARK-572 Sheikh Rizwan Ahmed  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-573 Muhammad Ahsan Rasheed  Mars Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-574 Muhammad Amer Butt SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-575 Muhammad Saleem Laghari B & B Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-576 Adnan Ahmed Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-577 Muhammad Raheel  Dawood Equities Limited
ARK-578 Masood Ali  Mars Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-579 Anwar Hussain  BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-580 Sajjad Sultan Ali Mankani  BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-581 Shaheen Khalid BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-582 Syed Ali Bahadur Naqvi Hum Securities Limited
ARK-583 Sheikh Muhammad Farhan  Mars Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-584 Huzair Younus Dada BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-585 Mahmood Ahmed Shahid MAK Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-586 Ali Abbas Bhojani  Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-587 Nazia Enam Siddiqui Orix Investment Bank Pakistan Limited
ARK-588 Faisal Yaqoob Khokhar  Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-589 Roheel Kashif  First National Equities Limited
ARK-590 Zeeshan Habib First National Equities Limited
ARK-591 Muhammad Asif  Bhayani Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-592 Farina  FDM Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-593 Muhammad Ali Khan  First National Equities Limited
ARK-594 Imran Farid Khan  Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-595 Muhammad Jawed  Time Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-596 Asad Ali Rana First National Equities Limited
ARK-597 Muhammad Rafiq  Pearl Capital Management (Private) Limited
ARK-598 Syed Imran Maqsood  SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-599 Shiraz Lalani  ACE Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-600 Muhammad Aamir  Munaf Sattar Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-601 Mian Noor Hameed Global Securities Pakistan Limited
ARK-602 Muhammad Riaz Naseeb Khan  IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-603 Mirza Muhammad Atif Baig  IGI Finex Securities Limited
ARK-604 Zakir Hussain Talpur  Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-605 Fazal Nadeem  BMA Capital Management Limited
ARK-606 Malik Khaliq Rafiq  SNM Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-607 Muhammad Nabeel Rabani  First National Equities Limited
ARK-608 Haji Usman  Motiwala Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-609 Suresh Kumar First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-610 Muhammad Yousuf Tola Siddiq Moti
ARK-611 Nasir Ali  First National Equities Limited
ARK-612 Imran Butt Zafar Moti Capital Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-613 Amir Hussain Gatta ZHV Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-614 Hafiz Khawaja Waheed Hafiz Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-615 Muhammad Farooq Edhi Shahid Ali Habib Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-616 Muhammad Altaf Abdullah  Ghory’s Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-617 Muhammad Shabir  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-618 Muhammad Mahmood ul Hassan  First National Equities Limited
ARK-619 Azeem Khan  Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-620 Amyn Nasiruddin  Invest and Finance Securities Limited
ARK-621 Naeem Uddin Shaikh  MRA Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-622 Ali Raza  Growth Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-623 Nabeel  MRA Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-624 Raj Kumar  Pearl Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-625 Muhammad Imran  Salman Capital Investments (Private) Limited
ARK-626 Jawed AKD Securities Limited
ARK-627 Syed Waqar ul Hassan  Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-628 Ali Abbas  First National Equities Limited
ARK-629 Syed Muhammad Naveed Ali  Pearl Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-630 Abdul Majeed Adam Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-631 Azar Jahanzaib Pathan Eastern Capital Limited
ARK-632 Musharaf Khan  JS Global Capital Limited
ARK-633 Osama Yaqoob  Foundation Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-634 Syed Zain Hussain  Taurus Securities Limited
ARK-635 Rana Saif ur Rahman  Eastern Captial Limited
ARK-636 Arshad Ali Jigrani  Eastern Captial Limited
ARK-637 Shaikh Muhammad Akhter Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-638 Amjad Pervez  Pearl Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-639 Waseem Ahmed Khan  First National Equities Limited
ARK-640 Aamir Habib  AKD Securities Limited
ARK-641 Ali M. Jaffer Mohsin  Aziz Fidahusein & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
ARK-642 Muhammad Adnan Arif Continental Capital Management (Private) Limited
ARK-643 Tariq  AKD Securities Limited
ARK-644 Mohammad Ali Saeed Saao Capital (Private) Limited
ARK-645 Mohammad Yameen  Iqbal Usman Kodvavi Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-646 Muhammad Rizwan  SAZ Capital Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-647 Imroz Alam N.U.A. Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-648 Muhammad Asad Ghory’s Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-649 Tanveer Ahmed Intermarket Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-650 Kosar Jawaid Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-651 Zafar Abdullah  Crosby Securities Pakistan (Private) Limited
ARK-652 Abdul Samad JS Global Capital Limited
ARK-653 Muhammad Adnan Mirza Dawood Equities Limited
ARK-654 Umair Idrees Arif Habib Limited
ARK-655 Asif Ali Mughal  Darson Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-656 Hammad Tahir  Noman Abid & Company Limited
ARK-657 Nadeemul Haq Invisor Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-658 Tariq Usman Bhatti JS Global Capital Limited
ARK-659 Abdul Jabbar  Investment Managers Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-660 Muhammad Iqbal  Pearl Capital Management (Private) Limited
ARK-661 Muhammad Yahya Capital One Equities Limited
ARK-662 Yasir Hussain  First Capital Equities Limited
ARK-663 Farah Naz Adam Securities (Private) Limited 
ARK-664 Fawad Amanullah  Security Investment Bank Limited
ARK-665 Asif Hussain First National Equities Limited
ARK-666 Muhammad Ibrahim  Azee Securities (Private) Limited
ARK-667 Sohail Yousuf  Invest Capital Investment Bank Limited
ARK-668 Rais Muhammad  Invest Capital Investment Bank Limited
ARK-669 Shahid Rasheed Allahwala Invest Capital Investment Bank Limited

About KSE

Karachi Stock Exchange is the biggest and most liquid exchange and has been declared as the “Best Performing Stock Market of the World for the year 2002”. As on May 30, 2008, 654 companies were listed with the market capitalization of Rs. 3,746.203 billion (US $ 56.334 billion) having listed capital of Rs. 705.873 billion (US $ 10.615 billion). The KSE 100 Index closed at 12130.51 on May 30, 2008.

KSE has been well into the 4th year of being one of the Best Performing Markets of the world as declared by the international magazine “Business Week”. Similarly the US newspaper, USA Today, termed Karachi Stock Exchange as one of the best performing bourses in the world.

The market performing during the period June 1998 to May 2008 is given under.